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Supporting Youth Experiencing Trauma

Supporting Youth Experiencing Trauma (SYET)

Supporting Youth Experiencing Trauma (SYET) is a 10 week program that addresses the root causes of trauma symptoms by using techniques rooted in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy theory. Through an evidence-based curriculum, consulting clinicians, and highly skilled staff, SYET uses a validated trauma screening tool to identify youth with traumatic experiences and equip them with coping skills to overcome their trauma.

The coping skills learned can be used in any setting and enable students to navigate feelings of stress, anxiety, agitation, etc. By program end, students should be experiencing fewer symptoms of trauma and have gained support from family through parent education.

Youth with significant traumatic experiences and symptoms that are appropriate to be addressed in a community setting can screen into SYET and receive free services in a small group setting. Youth whose needs exceed the program’s guidelines are referred to an appropriate mental health provider. Successful referrals are an integral part of SYET’s goals, seeking mental health and trauma processing for all youth.

SYET is offered to youth served by the YWCA and in partnership with other educational and youth-serving agencies, including Knox County Schools.