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Stand Against Racism

Stand Against Racism

Stand Against Racism is an annual campaign, coordinated by YWCA USA, meant to bring communities together through an issue or cause that inspires them to take a #StandAgainstRacism and to unite their voices to educate, advocate, and promote racial justice.

We take a Stand Against Racism every day by raising awareness about the impact of institutional and structural racism and by building community among those who work for racial justice.

YWCA's 2021 Stand Against Racism campaign will take place April 22 – 25. We invite you to join us and explore how From Declarations to Change: Addressing Racism as a Public Health Crisis can advance the work of justice in your community and empower people of color. Structural racism plays a large role in determining the conditions in which people are born, grow, work, live, and age. These factors affect people’s access to quality housing, education, food, transportation, political power, and other social determinants of health. Understanding and addressing systemic racism from this public health perspective is crucial to eliminating racial and ethnic inequities, and to improving opportunity and well-being across communities.

2021 Topic: From Declarations to Change: Addressing Racism as a Public Health Crisis

Mark your Calendar! Join us this Stand Against Racism from April 22 – 25, 2021

Stand Against Racism 2020

Due to the pandemic, YWCA's Stand Against Racism went digital last year! The theme for 2020 was promoting civic engagement and bringing awareness to the barriers that communities of color experience. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the theme for Stand Against Racism pivoted to also supporting our Asian American and Pacific Islander neighbors who were experiencing bias and racism due to the virus.

We are thankful for everyone who stood with us, took the pledge, and encouraged our community to complete the 2020 Census.

Watch one of our two 2020 Stand Against Racism videos below.