Facility Rentals

The YWCA Knoxville & the Tennessee Valley is pleased to offer a variety of facility rentals at our three locations: Downtown Knoxville, East Knoxville, and Oak Ridge.  Special discounts are available for members of the YWCA.

Downtown Knoxville Rentals

At the YWCA’s downtown facility, community groups and individuals may rent rooms at the hourly rates listed below.  For more information about the downtown facility or to inquire about renting space, please fill out our online inquiry form here or contact us at 865-523-6126.

Rental SpaceMember Rate (Hourly)Non-member Rate (Hourly)Capacity
Board Room$15$4525 persons
Lounge$25$4549 persons
Gymnasium$20$4549 persons
Kitchen$25$4015 persons
Support Room$15$2015 persons
Pool$30$751 lifeguard per 8 swimmers.

Phyllis Wheatley Center Rentals (East Knoxville)

YWCA Phyllis Wheatley Center is a popular location for community gatherings. Frequent community, family, sporting, and faith-based events, such as baby showers, birthday parties, memorial services, and community basketball league games, fill the halls on a regular basis.  The facility includes a full gym, commercial kitchen, large group meeting room, and small break-out rooms. For more information on rental rates and other details please contact Kathy Mack at 865-546-0651.

Rental SpaceMember Rate (Hourly)Non-member Rate (Hourly)
Phyllis Wheatley Room$10$20
Access to All Areas$50$100

Oak Ridge Rentals

The YWCA opened the recently renovated building at 1660 Oak Ridge Turnpike in October 2018. The Nancy Stanley room is available for rentals to the community, businesses, and other nonprofits.  It is an ideal space for large meetings or small gatherings such as receptions, lectures, birthday parties, or baby showers. For more information on rental rates and other details please contact Taylor Stone at 865-523-6126.

Rental SpaceMember Rate (Hourly)Non-member Rate (Hourly)
Nancy Stanley Room$100$120