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Dana,* a mother pregnant with her second child, lived in an overcrowded home with an abusive partner and abusive relatives. She reached out to the YWCA to start the process of leaving her abuser but was fearful of the unknown. With her YWCA advocate, Dana completed a danger assessment, created a safety plan, and then gained the courage to leave her abuser a few weeks later. She was connected with YWCA's Anderson County Transitional Housing Coordinator and had housing within nine days. YWCA helped Dana with financial assistance and community resources including food and household items. Dana is now a happily independent mother of two, working and self-sufficient.

With your support, women like Dana can regain their independence.

Jordan* has been visiting YWCA’s Phyllis Wheatley Center (PWC) for over six years, attending both the Summer Kids in Play Program and After School Enrichment Program. This past year with the start of a new school, Jordan began struggling with behavioral issues. Jordan was met with the decision to change her behavior or would no longer be able to attend dance practice at PWC. With the threat of losing Dance Club, Jordan decided it was time to change. She now leads dance practices and looks forward to their next big performance!

With your support, Jordan and other students can take part in free after school programming.

After losing her job and having no family support, Mariah* fell victim to homelessness. She entered the into the Keys of Hope Women’s Program, gaining safe and stable housing. Mariah was able to begin saving money while taking advantage of the program's financial empowerment classes, case management, and monthly meetings. Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Mariah struggled to maintain employment but eventually found a stable job. Mariah was able to find permanent housing and with support from YWCA, was able to provide first month's rent and the security deposit. Thanks to generous community donations, Mariah was able to start this new chapter with generously donated household items.

With your support, women like Mariah find their path to new beginnings.

Monica* came to the YWCA after deciding to leave her abusive husband. He was emotionally, mentally, and sexually abusive and his violence eventually progressed to threatening her life in front of her children. A YWCA advocate introduced her to a domestic violence support group and was able to give her foods and donated clothing items. During support group, Monica quickly realized a pattern of abuse among her previous relationships. She now knows the warning signs of an abuser and how to set healthy boundaries in relationships. Monica found stable employment and is empowered on her path to self sufficiency.

With your support, survivors like Monica feel empowered to start anew.

*Client names have been changed to protect their privacy.

With help from generous supporters like you, we can ensure that women and children can feel safe in their homes.

This Big Give, please consider providing the gift of safety and a home for women in our community.